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Resilience Passport Inspection BRONZE Package (GST Free, Tax Deductible*)

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Within this GST Free, Tax Deductible * BRONZE package you will receive:

* consult with your accountant. People who are employed for example can claim this package as it contains a HLTAID009 - Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certificate included in the package as a whole.

You will receive a non-accredited certificate (P00241 - Conduct a Home Resilience, Response and Recovery Action Plan), an in-depth resilience inspection on your home, education and training on tips and things you need to know to be prepared for a disaster event. We recommend you ask your insurance provider for a discount on your policy based on your inspection and any improvements made to your resilience capabilities. VALUED at $150

You will also receive a Resilience Passport with all the local disaster information you will need access to in a disaster, including flood maps, cyclone tracking map and resources from current disaster organisations such as the Australian Red Cross.

- 2 x Snake bite bandages (with indicator). 10m x 10.5cm

- 1 x  HLTAID009 - Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certificate for anyone of your choosing. VALUED at $90

- 1 x $30.00 Resilience Reward prepaid card which can be used at any retailer of your choosing.

- 50% discount on any 1300DISASTER membership subscription.