Our difference is that we are getting in to each home and business year-round and improving the resilience by connecting our resources and personnel to improve the preparedness of our members.


    We work with current services and resources such as the SES, Emergency Services, Defence Force, Community Groups, Councils, Charities, Surge Resources of professional and skilled personnel and businesses to connect our members with the right help when it counts during disaster events. This reduces the impacts and costs on stakeholders and communities as a whole.


    When a disaster event has impacted, we are able to gather the right resources and support for our members at record speed to reduce the impact on emergency services, allowing our members a convenient and timely choice to get on with their lives, ensuring a better recovery option.


    We have selected carefully, the best Registered Training Organisations and suppliers of First Aid and Rescue Equipment to offer you, our valued customers - the best product and pricing, with 100% of our profits for purpose being delivered to achieving our Mission and Vision to communities.

The only disaster assistance task management membership and information grab-kit you’ll ever need to be prepared, able to respond and successfully recover from disaster events..

GST Free and Tax Deductible (Conditions Apply).

Book your Home or Business Resilience, Response & Recovery Action Plan Inspection (please provide best time/ day, special requests and any pets in the comment section)

Mission: In the crucible of crisis, the Australian Disaster
Alliance emerges as a force of unwavering purpose, uniting communities, first
responders, and skilled professionals. Our mission transcends ordinary
response; it's a commitment to empower and uplift. With a community and first
responder-led, private sector 'for purpose' approach, we redefine disaster
resilience, orchestrating swift and effective responses that safeguard every
Australian, ensuring their safety and prosperity amidst the storm.

Vision: The Australian Disaster Alliance stands as the vanguard
of innovation and resilience. A tapestry woven with the threads of community,
first responders, and skilled professionals, as we aspire to forge a new paradigm
in emergency management. Our vision extends beyond partnership; it's a saga of
excellence, compassion, and transformative influence. Together, we script a
future where our collective valour not only redefines preparedness and recovery
but leaves an everlasting legacy, etched in the very soul of the communities we
passionately serve.

  • Proud Partner of The Bushfire Foundation Inc & National Animal Disaster Relief Charity.

  • Queensland Winner of the 2017 Resilient Australia Award for our innovative approach to Disaster Management.

  • Educators for young people from Kindy - Year 12 in First Aid, Disaster Management and Home Safety.

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