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Disaster Assist Subscription - SILVER

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Embrace a proactive stance in disaster relief with our premier Disaster Assist Membership. Each month, you'll be at the forefront of our mission to provide swift and comprehensive aid to communities facing adversity.

As a valued member, you'll be instrumental in every phase of disaster management, from proactive planning and rapid response to long-term recovery efforts. Your subscription directly fuels our initiatives to stockpile essential supplies, deploy expert response teams, and collaborate with local partners for effective on-the-ground support.

Plus, with exclusive access to our 1300DISASTER hotline, you'll have immediate assistance at your fingertips in times of crisis. Whether you need real-time updates, guidance on preparedness measures, or direct support during emergencies, our dedicated hotline ensures you're never alone when disaster strikes.

But our commitment doesn't stop there. With your ongoing support, we'll also focus on long-term recovery efforts, helping communities rebuild and regain their footing in the aftermath of disaster.

Join us in making a lasting impact. Subscribe to our Disaster Assist Membership today and be a beacon of hope and resilience for those in need.

What do I receive each year I subscribe?:

- A free First Aid course valued at $150

- A Resilience Passport with the local disaster and emergency management information. This is a great grab-and-go tool for you to add your own important documents to, so that if you are given little notice to evacuate, at least you have your passport.

- Access to our 1300DISASTER (1300-347-278) call centre, with the latest available information before, during and after a disaster event.

- Free emergency accommodation for up to 24 hours, with a 10% discount on any further accommodation required *A disaster event must be declared by the local, state or federal government.

- 25% Discount on all of our training courses (using your member discount code) and custom prices on products upon enquiry.

- 2-hour response time *if safe to do so, for any Disaster Assist Request, with an initial welfare check post disaster events.

- Home safety and security patrols conducted within your area daily.

- Discount of 15% on generator hire and delivery (on a first in, first serve basis and subject to availability).

- 50% discount on a home resilience, response and recovery action plan.

- Discount of 25% for accommodation required for each pet.

- Resilience Reward Points where you receive 10% back (redeemable in e-vouchers) on your membership and selected courses and products.

- Yearly subscription to Lifebox, a data protection software technology firm.

- Yearly subscription to an accurate weather alerts service.

- Biannual and post-disaster debris pick-up service (with discounts on assistance with preparing debris for removal by our personnel).