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Individual Membership

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Emergency Assist gives you peace of mind, knowing that when you need assistance preparing your home and yard for disaster season, a home emergency happens, or you need support/assistance after a disaster impacts - a trusted 1300DISASTER member/ team or trusted tradie will arrive within 4 hours.

This membership is for the individual for a 12 month period from date of purchase. You will then be able to add your membership number to get a 10% discount on our products at the checkout as well as on all quotes for services from 1300DISASTER. 


* We will attend your property/ arrange a Zoom call at a convenient time to conduct a ‘Home Resilience Health Check’ and assist you with improvements that may need to be made on your property. This can include drills on evacuating, intruder drills and learning CPR with our manikins.

* A USB stick with your ‘Home Resilience Health Check’ report, additional supporting information from our friends at Get Ready Queensland (Queensland Reconstruction Authority) as well as an easy-to-grab booklet with the same documents enclosed.

* 6 monthly reviews on your ‘Home Resilience Health Check’ with follow-up support as required.

* Automatic Welfare Check if a disaster impacts your area by 1300DISASTER personnel.

* 10% off our growing on-line store products and 1300DISASTER services.

* Support applying for the Suncorp Cyclone Resilience Benefit (for eligible Suncorp Insurance Customers).

* 24/7/365 support and access to 1300DISASTER services and access to our amazing preferred suppliers.


What services do we offer?:

- Plumbers 

- Electricians

- Gas Services/ Repairs

- Emergency Accommodation

- Equipment Hire (Generators, chainsaws, Automatic External Defibrillators, etc)

- Pet/ Animal Welfare/ Shelter

- Towing Services

- Window repairs/ replacements

- Emergency Food Supplies 

- Evacuation Services

- Home/ Business Risk Assessments

- Test & Tag

- First Aid Supplies/ Restocking

- Fire Safety Supplies/ Installation including Smoke/ Fire Alarms

- Yard/ Tree Maintenance/ Removal

- Asbestos Removal

- Flood/ Storm Response

- Fire Response/ Personnel

- Locksmith Services

- Disaster/ Emergency Support Services (Traffic Control, Sandbag Installation, Search & Rescue)

- Security

- Debris Removal

- Mosquito/ Pest Control

- Make Safe Services

- Cyclone Support Services

- Welfare Checks